My child is new to baseball/softball. What kind of program should they be in?

We recommend starting out in our Beginners Skills & Drills program. During the hour of training, your player will work with our Elite Level Instructors on creating positive muscle memory that will translate to the offensive and defensive sides of baseball/softball. You can expect your player to learn positive throwing/fielding techniques, how to see & hit the ball as well as learn the mental side of the game. See our Rates tab for further details.

What days/times are your Skills and Drills Program?

Beginners Skills & Drills: Monday & Wednesday 6:00-7:00pm

Intermediate Skills & Drills: Monday & Wednesday 7:00-8:30pm

High School Advanced Skills & Drills: Tuesday & Thursday 5:30-7:30pm

Does my player have to start Skills & Drills at the beginning of the month?

The short answer is no. Your player may start at any point in the month as our program continually goes throughout the year. Your membership fee will begin the day you choose to sign up for Skills & Drills. (Your first visit is always free!)

If we miss a day of Skills & Drills due to scheduling or vacation, can we make it up?

At this time, we do not allow make up dates.

What does my player need to bring to Skills & Drills?

Please have your player bring their baseball/softball gear. This includes: glove, hat, helmet, baseball/softball attire.

Players will only be allowed on the turf with tennis shoes. No cleats allowed! Players will also not be allowed to hit in the batting cages without a helmet so please be sure to bring yours!

Do you offer private/individual lessons?

Yes! All of our Elite Level Instructors offer private lessons. We have instructors who specialize in catching, hitting, fielding, pitching, speed & agility for both Baseball and Softball. We also offer strength training with our strength and conditioning instructor. For more information on our Elite Level Instructors, see our Instructors tab.

Do you rent space to teams?

Yes! Our training facility schedule books quickly, especially in the winter months. Don't wait to schedule your team. Call 801.972.2829 for availability & rates.