What is Phenom Baseball?

Phenom Baseball is the country’s premier college and professional baseball development program.  Founded in 2006, Phenom teams have won numerous championships in some of the biggest national tournaments put on by Perfect Game, USA Baseball, USSSA, Triple Crown and AAU.

Phenom Baseball places a high value into its players receiving a college education.  Because of this, each participant within the program is required to carry a minimum grade point average of 3.0 to maintain their eligibility with Phenom Baseball.  We believe academic discipline will lead to good habits and better choices for our youth in all aspects of life.

Why choose Phenom Utah?

Phenom Utah is committed to providing players with the highest level of baseball training and development.  This includes technique, mental and physical conditioning, nutrition, and life skills, such as teamwork, leadership and discipline both on and off the field.  You will have a great coaching staff that will help you reach your maximum potential.  It is our goal and priority to get you prepared for the next level.

Who is Phenom Utah?

Many of our coaches have collegiate and professional level experience.  We have worked together to develop a specific program that helps our High School players’ prepare for their college recruitment process.  We understand the collegiate and professional systems, and know what they are seeking in a player, and help ready our youth to meet these demands.

What is a showcase team?

A showcase team is one that participates in a showcase tournament for the purpose of getting noticed by college coaches and scouts. It is important to join a showcase team as scouts and coaches rarely attend high school games or local tournaments.

What ages are your showcase teams?

Our showcase teams are 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, and 18U. Our 16U and 18U teams have advanced opportunities for exposure as they prepare for the next level. These players’ will participate in national showcase tournaments throughout the country.

Where do showcase teams practice and how often?

Our showcase teams have priority scheduling on various fields in the valley as well as priority scheduling in our indoor facilities. Practice frequency varies from coach to coach.

How do I get an invitation for a tryout?

Anyone is welcome to try out for one of our showcase teams. Tryout dates are posted on our home page.

What are the fees to play Phenom Baseball?

Fees are $150 per month in addition to the players’ travel expenses. Phenom Baseball Inc requires a membership fee of $150 per year. Each player must be a member of this organization.

What if I can’t afford the fees?

We have several fundraising opportunities to assist you in raising the necessary funds.

Does Phenom just take the best players around?

No. Phenom baseball looks for the players that will be as committed to us as we are to them. We are looking for players who have the physical ability to play at a national level and players who are looking to improve.